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Identification of defective ice creams

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inghetate defecte

Founded in 1994, Betty Ice is currently one of the most important ice cream companies in Romania. With state-of-the-art equipment and a motivated team, Betty Ice has succeeded in being one of the modern ice cream factories in Europe.
During the production process, ice creams may break or stick together. Visual inspection by human operators is not infallible, so inherently results in a proportion of inappropriate products delivered to consumers.

detectie inghetate defecte

Philro Industrial is finalizing at Betty Ice ice cream factory a quality control system based on machine-vision, using professional cameras and dedicated hardware and software to visualize production flow and detect defective ice creams (broken , glued, with different shapes etc.).
Beside consistent savings achieved by automating quality control process, the solution implemented by Philro Industrial will lead up to a 80% reduction in the defective products rate, which will increase Betty Ice's customers' satisfaction and brand reputation.

Images with installation process:

See the application note on MVTec Software GmbH website.


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