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With an experience of over 10 years in industrial automation, PHILRO Industrial, accredited partner of Minebea INTEC GmbH and MVTec Software GmbH, develop, produce and deliver machine-vision systems for any industry where such solutions are needed. PHILRO Industrial is offering all-inclusive solutions, covering all necessary aspects for optimal realization of any kind of machine-vision project.
  • Machine-vision solutions are very effective in places where productivity of a production line or quality control of products are based on human eye visual inspection.
  • In these cases, implementation of a machine-vision automatic system has some undisputed advantages: consistent quality for each product, constant productivity for assembly line, automated traceability using computer systems etc.
  • Based on professional video cameras and controlled and analyzed with specialized hardware and software, machine-vision systems overcome the problems generated by human factor (eye fatigue, lack of attention, necessity for breaks etc.)
  • Beside aforementioned advantages, overall operating costs are significantly reduced, return of investments being achieved in a short period of time.
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Machine Vision and Industrial Automation projects, made by PHILRO Industrial.

print checking

Printing Checking

For Rama packages produced by Unilever, printing errors (missing text, illegible characters etc.) are detected on the packages straight on the production tape.

controlling ice creams

Defects Identification

For Betty Ice, the machine-vision system detects defective icecreams (broken crust, glued together, etc.) directly on the production stream.

ANPR cameras

ANPR and Automation

At Ecorec, the automated access system controls 3 pathways and 2 weighing platforms, everything being connected to the company's ERP.


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