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print checking

Printing Checking

For Rama packages produced by Unilever, printing errors (missing text, illegible characters etc.) are detected on the packages straight on the production tape.

controlling ice creams

Defects Identification

For Betty Ice, the machine-vision system detects defective icecreams (broken crust, glued together, etc.) directly on the production stream.

ANPR cameras

ANPR and Automation

At Ecorec, the automated access system controls 3 pathways and 2 weighing platforms, everything being connected to the company's ERP.



The system installed at Oil Terminal recognize alphanumeric characters on moving railroad wagons, storing the information in the company's database.

masurare cusaturi

Stitches Measurement

For Autoliv, the airbags manufacturer, the machine vision system measures the stitches sizes and marks the non-conforming ones for rejection .

verificare capac

Character Recognition

In the case of Coca Cola, the system developed by PHILRO Industrial "reads" the printed caps straight on the production line and signals detected errors.

verificare piesa

Detecting Faulty Parts

The system verifies the components made for Renault vehicles, identifying defects such as: bent, no gripping elements etc.

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